1. According to Dr. Philip Kotker / Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating and distributing value to meet the needs of the target market in exchange for a profit.

2. According to Chris Garrett / Marketing is the process of building relationships with potential and current customers, in order to build, promote your products and services profitably.

3. According to Doren Moran / Marketing is to help your customers realize how much they need something they never thought they needed.

4. According to Paul Kulavis / Marketing is to discover what customers want and offer it more efficiently and effectively than the competition.

5. According to the American Marketing Association / Marketing is the activity to create, communicate, send and exchange offers that have value for consumers, clients, partners and society as a whole.

6. According to Saul Colt / Marketing is to create irresistible experiences that relate to people personally and creates the desire to share them with others.

7. Sispa Seth Godin / Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Marketing helps others become what they seek to become.

8. According to Renee Blodgett / Marketing is the exchange of constant communication with customers, in a way educates, informs and builds relationships over time.

Techniques you must follow to win!

If you are not showing up when your customers need you, you will lose that business to your competitors!

1. Keep your site up to date!
2. Make sure you have an SSL certificate
3. Make sure your hashtags on social platforms match the keywords you want to rank for
4. Run a blog page by writing about the things your customers need, use targeted keywords here (but please do not fill in keywords!)